Organization Member Types

Member Type in an Organization

The Member Type is used to identify the role a person serves within an Organization. In the Members tab of an Organization, and on the Current Involvement on a person’s record, the  Member Type will display in the column labeled Member Type.

By clicking on the actual Member Type, you will open the Member Dialog. This is where you will perform a number of functions, such a changing the Member Type, dropping a member, changing sub-groups and more.


Organization Member Type should not be confused with a person’s church member status. On lists, the column header for someone’s Church Member Status is Status.


Your database will have standard Member Types. However, your System Admin can add new ones and remove any that you do not need, as long as they are not being used. These are found under Administration>Setup>Lookup Codes.

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Leader Types and Attendance Types

Each Member Type also has an associated Attendance Type. One of these Attendance Types is Leader. This Leader Attendance Type is used to determine if a member is a leader, which gives them the ability to view their class if they also have a user account and the OrgLeadersOnly role. Your System Admin can determine which Member Types have an Attendance Type of Leader. This is set in the Lookup Codes.