Baptism Type

Located on the Membership tab, this Condition is looking at the Baptism Type on a person’s Member Profile tab. If you are using the Membership Process in TouchPoint, this is set automatically when the person’s Decision is recorded.


You can also find Decision information (and drill down to the details in Search Builder) from the Decision Summary Report.

The Standard Baptism Types are as follows (Note: these can be different for your database if your Admin has changed them):

  • Not Specified

    This is the default that will be on all records until a baptism is recorded. So, if a person joins and is already baptized, this will stay Not Specified.

  • Original

    This is assigned to a person who makes a profession of faith for membership in the church.

  • Subsequent

    This is the one type of baptism that is changed manually and it happens if a person who has been baptized previously realizes that they were not actually saved prior to that baptism.

  • Biological

    This type is assigned if a person, who makes a profession of faith, is less than 16 years old, and has at least one parent who has been a church member for more than 1 year.

  • Non-Member

    This type is assigned if the person makes a profession of faith not for membership.

  • Required

    This type is assigned if the person’s decision is Statement Requiring Baptism.