Decision Summary Report

This report is accessed from main menu under Reports > Decisions. The default From Date will be January 1 of the current year, and the default To Date will be the current date. Of course, you can change the dates prior to running the report. You have the option to select a Campus or to leave that field Not Specified, to include all Campuses. The report will run automatically using the defaults. If you change the dates or the Campus, click the Run button.

This report is interactive. Each line item in each section is a link that converts to Search Builder. The Search is built on-the-fly for you from the report, and will display a list of the people who fit that category. This makes it very easy for you to communicate with people after they make a decision.

The report contains the following information with a count for each of the categories for the given time period:

  • Decisions

  • Baptisms by Age

  • Baptisms by Type

  • New Members by Type

  • Dropped Members by Type

  • Dropped Members by Church


Some churches have changed the standard Decision, Baptism, Join, and Drop Types. So, these may be different in your church’s database.


The default Decision Types are:

- POF for Membership
- POF NOT for Membership
- Letter
- Statement
- Statement requiring Baptism
- Cancelled
- Unknown
Baptisms by Age

The age ranges are as follows:

- 0-11
- 12-18
- 19-23
- 24-30
- 31-40
- 41-50
- and so on in 10-year increments
Baptisms by Type

The types are based on the person’s decision. The default types are:

- Original
- Subsequent
- Biological (children of Members)
- Non-Member
- Required.
New Members by Type

Join Types are set based on the person’s Decision, basically, how they joined. The default types are:

- Baptism POF (Profession of Faith)
- Baptism SRB (Statement Requiring Baptism)
- Baptism BIO (Biological)
- Statement
- Letter
- Unknown (should not be used for new decisions, but only for records that were converted with missing information)
Dropped Members by Type

The default Drop Types are:

- Administrative
- Deceased
- Lettered Out
- Requested Drop
- Another Denomination
- Other (we don’t recommend using Other, as everyone should fit into one of the other categories).
Dropped Members by Church

This is a list of dropped members, grouped by the name of the new church that they have joined.