Building Check-In by Activity

Located on the Attendance Dates tab this Condition works only if your church is using the special type of check-in called Building Check-In.

This condition allows you to select one or more activities a person has checked into using Building Check-In. You can specify a Comparison - Equal, One of, etc. - and then select an Activity or multiple Activities. These options are specified when you set up Building Check-In on your database, so they will be different for each church.

This Condition is not looking at a date range, but will return just those people who have checked in and specified a certain Activity.

Use Case

You might want to run the search to find those that had checked in for the Weight Room in order to email everyone to let them know about a new piece of exercise equipment.

Or perhaps, you want to let everyone that uses the Track know the dates you will be having it cleaned and it will be unavailable for use.

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Some churches may use Building Check-In for visitors to their offices, so the Activities would be something such as Counseling or Meeting.

There is another condition relating to Building Check-In that lets you specify the number of times a person has checked in during a date range.

If you are interested in using Building Check-In, you will want to read more about it and how you can set this up for your church.

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