Contribution Amount History Donor Only

This Condition, which is on the Contribution category tab in Search Builder, will allow you to find donors based on the amount they have given during a specific date range. You can also specify a Fund, if desired.


You must have Finance role in order to use this Condition.

Select a Comparison (such as GreaterEqual), and a dollar amount (no dollar sign) and select a date range. You can also specify a Fund ID or leave that field blank to include all funds. This will find everyone with contributions totaling the specified amount during that date range.

This will return only the person on whose record the contributions were posted, even for those with Combined Contributions.


For purposes related to performance of the system, search builder conditions relating to contributions and pledges are designed to examine contribution and/or pledge records, and as a result, cannot return people who do not have contribution and/or pledge records. Consequently you cannot directly find people who have not given during a period. But you can do this indirectly by selecting Match none of these Conditions as the top condition statement.


If you need to run a comparison such as those who gave more than X amount during one date range and those who gave less than Y amount during another date range, you will need to run the search with the first condition, tag those people. Then run a new search for the next condition and add a condition which will include the tagged group. In other words, you cannot use this condition more than once in the same search.

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