Contribution Options

This Condition, which is on the Contributions category tab in SearchBuilder, looks at the Contribution Option (for contribution statements) that is on the Member Profile (and Giving) tab for a person.


You might have some couples that have the wrong option set on their records. Create a search for everyone with a Marital Status of Married and a Contribution Option set to Individual. You can then look at each person to determine if that option is correct for them or not.

For example: If you notice that the husband is set to Individual, but the wife is set to Joint, then you would need to change the husband’s option to Joint as well.

FYI-when you edit a record and select Joint for one spouse, the system will automatically change the other spouse to Joint. However, if you set the Contribution Option for a new bride prior to adding her to her husband’s family, you might have forgotten to make the change on his record. That is why this type of search is useful - to catch those inconsistencies and fix them.