Days Until Anniversary

This Condition on the Personal category tab in Search Builder allows you to find people who have wedding anniversaries coming up. You enter a number of days and it will find everyone with an anniversary in that many days. It will always be less than 365 days.

Use Case - Life Group Leaders

If you are a minister that is responsible for a group of Life Group leaders, you can add another Condition to this one and find those who you lead and recognize their upcoming wedding anniversaries.

Use this Condition with the number of days set to LessEqual 7, add the Condition Member Type Codes, selecting the Program and Division and specifying the Member Type (Teacher, Leader, etc.), and then save the search. You can run this each week to find your leaders with a wedding anniversary in the upcoming week, and then send a card or email.

This is another way to stay in touch with people, and to minister to those who are ministering to their classes.