Member Type Codes

This Condition located on the Enrollments category tab in Search Builder allows you select one or more organization Member Types from a drop down, and then select from the following options:

  • Program
  • Division
  • Organization
  • Org Type
  • Schedule
  • Campus

Use Case - Current Teachers

You want to find everyone in your church who is a Teacher. You can just select the Member Type Teacher and run the query like that. You can select a Program along with the Member Type to find only teachers in a specific Program.

However, you may want to look for everyone who is enrolled in any organization that has an Org Type of Volunteer. For this, you change the Comparison to One Of and Select All from the drop down list. Then select the Org Type Volunteer.

This Condition is very flexible and allows you to search by a number of different combinations. Remember, if you are looking for those who are coded as leaders in your Organizations, you may need to select One Of and check several different Member Types - such as Teacher, Assistant Teacher, Leader, etc.


The organization Member Types are located in the Lookup Codes and can be edited by your System Admin.