Do Not Mail

This Condition located on the Contact Info category tab in Search Builder allows you to find people who have asked not to receive mail from the church and who have that checked on their people record. This information can be edited on the Personal tab of the people record by clicking the Privacy Settings button at the top right.

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Privacy Settings

When any of the flags (Do Not Call, Visit, Mail) are set a badge will display in red the business card section the next time the Status Flags are updated.

Global Privacy Settings

Use Case

This is a good Condition to add to searches when you are planning a mailing. Select the Comparison Equal true, to find everyone who has Do Not Mail selected on their record. This will let you know who will not receive your mailing.

Change to false to see everyone who will receive your mailing.


If you are printing labels from your search results or from an organization or tag, labels will not print for those with this box checked. The same is true is you select Bulk (CSV). Those with Do Not Mail checked, will not be included in the export.

However, if you select any other export, those with Do Not Mail selected will be included. In these cases, be sure to add this Condition set to false to your search so that you will not include those people in your mailing.

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