First Person Same Email

This Condition is located on the Miscellaneous category tab in Search Builder. When it is added to any given query, if two or more people have the same email address, only the first one it runs across will be in the results. This way, you can use the email replacement codes and they will apply to the person it finds first who is in the results.


Remember, when you send emails using this Condition it might send to the husband or the wife or a child. There is no way to know which one will be selected.


Run your search for your target audience first and note how many records are included. Then add this Condition and run it again. If there are duplicate email addresses, that second number will be lower than the first one.

Use Case 1

If you send a weekly newsletter to everyone enrolled in the children’s ministry Life Groups and you include the parents, it’s possible that the children will have the email address of one of the parents. By adding this Condition, the email will be sent to just one person in that family with the same email address.

By including both the children and the parents in the search you are more likely to get someone in the family with an email address. However, this Condition keeps the same email from going to one person multiple times.

Use Case 2

If you want to send an email to everyone enrolled in a Main Fellowship Class or everyone enrolled in an Program and/or Division you will probably have multiple people using the same email address. This might be couples that use one address or it might be children and teenagers with a parent’s email address on their record. Add this Condition and the email will go just to the first person the search finds with an email address that is the same as someone else in the original search.


Because this sends to just one person with the same email address, if the email is in regard to an online registration, you will be able to use RegisterLink2 so that person can register the entire family.