Get Eldest Family Member that Attended

Located in the Attendance Dates category in Search Builder, this condition allows you to find the oldest person in the family that attended, per your specifications. You must have the Admin role to successfully run this search condition.

Use Case

You might want to hand out materials to the oldest child in each family that is present for a particular event. In this case you would select children only, reference the event, and specify a range of attendance dates. After the search is run and results are displayed, you can select reports or labels to print and use these to distribute the materials to the correct child.

The following are the selection criteria:

Comparison and Codes

This allows you to only include those who are in a certain position within their family. The standard options are: Primary Adult, Secondary Adult, and Child.

Start Date, End Date

Finds those who attended during the date range specified.

Program / Division / Organization

You can specify only the Program (to look at all division and organization within it), or both Program and Division (to look at all organizations with the specified division), or all three criteria to target a particular organization.

Member Type Values

You can specify one or more organization member types from the drop down list. This will limit the search to the selected member types.

Attend Type Values

You can specify one or more attend types from the drop down list. This will limit the search to the selected attend types.

The condition returns the oldest family member who meets all the specified criteria. No more than one person is selected for each family. The following steps are used to determine who is the “oldest” among all family members who otherwise meet the criteria:

Birth Date

If one or more family members have complete birth dates on their records, the person with the earliest birth date will be selected. Complete birth dates are considered before incomplete or missing birth dates. It should be obvious that this condition works best when every family member has a complete and accurate birth date on record.


If there is no qualifying family member with a birth date on record, a selection will be made based on alphabetical order of name (last, first, middle, suffix) with the Goes By name, if present, replacing the first name. The name that is first in this alphabetical order will be selected.

People ID

If a selection still cannot be made (because of identical names), the record with the lowest system People ID will be selected.


This condition works best when it is the only condition in your search. It is possible that other search conditions might include contradictory criteria.


Grade is not used in determining the oldest person in the family. Also, when this condition looks for attendance, it will include all organization statuses (active and inactive) and types, member types and attend types. Attendance as a guest will quality for meeting the condition.


If you specify “Match None” or “Match Not All” in association with this condition, a family must have at least one person that matches the selection criteria. Otherwise, it will not display any members of that family. If there are multiple family members who qualify, all except the oldest will be displayed.

Latest Update


Added new filters Member Type Values and Attend Type Values.