This Condition located on the Personal category tab in Search Builder will allow you to enter a number to find the Grade that is listed on the person’s people record. If the person is enrolled in a Main Fellowship class that has a Grade in its settings that is the grade that will display on the person’s record. The grade gets set from the org at the time the person is enrolled. The grade can also be manually entered on a person’s record, but this has to be maintained manually as well.

Some churches use a graduation date (such as 2014) instead of the grade. If that is entered on a person’s record it normally would not need to be changed. So, you need to know what method is used at your church in order to know whether to enter a grade such as 8, or a year, such as 2014.


If you want to find those in a range of grades, like everyone in grades 7, 8 or 9 use 2 Conditions with the top condition set to Match ALL:

Grade - Comparison GreaterEqual to 7

Grade - Comparison LessEqual to 9

To find those without a Grade, use Equal and put nothing in the Value.