Grade - Legacy

This Condition located on the Personal category tab in Search Builder will allow you to enter a number to find the Legacy Grade that is listed on a people record. The Grade can be updated manually or through the batch actions. If the person does not have a Grade populated on their record and is subsequently enrolled in a Main Fellowship Involvement that has a Grade (Legacy) setting, that Grade will be added to the person’s record.

Some churches use a graduation date (such as 2014) instead of the grade. If that is entered on a person’s record it normally would not need to be changed. So, you need to know what method is used at your church in order to know whether to enter a grade such as 8, or a year, such as 2014.


If you want to find those in a range of grades, like everyone in grades 7, 8 or 9 use 2 Conditions with the top condition set to Match ALL:

Grade - Comparison GreaterEqual to 7

Grade - Comparison LessEqual to 9

To find those without a Grade, use Equal and put nothing in the Value.

Latest Update


Clarified when grade is added.