Add-Create New Involvements

Reuse vs Creating New Involvements

We encourage you to reuse Involvements that have the same purpose. So, before creating a new Involvement, be sure to look in the appropriate Program and Division for any Inactive Involvements, in case there is already an Involvement for that purpose (even if the name is slightly different). If you find one that is basically the same as what you need, just edit it to make it Active and then change the name if necessary.

Example: Student Camp 2014 could become Student Camp 2015. However, do NOT change the name to something that indicates a totally different purpose. In that case, just create a new Involvement.


By default, a user must have Edit role in order to add an Involvement.

If you want to restrict the ability to add an Involvement to certain people, you can create a General Admin Setting named RoleForAddingInvolvements and enter the specific role a user must have in order to perform that action.

This training video will demonstrate how to create a new Involvement.


If you will need several Involvements (such as the Pick List Involvements connected to a Master Involvement) with the same (or most of the same) Settings (both those under the Settings tabs and the Registration tabs), here is a shortcut:

  • You can create one Involvement completely, selecting all the necessary Settings.

  • Then create the other Involvements, but without adding all the online registration settings you will need.

  • Next, while viewing the original Involvement, select the blue Toolbar > Gear icon > Copy Settings.

  • Then go to Involvement > Search and filter for those new Involvements and paste the Settings. That is an option on the blue Toolbar > Gear icon.

See also

Toolbar Options – the section for the Administrative actions under the Gear icon.

To Add a New Involvement

Step 1

Go to an existing Involvement in the Program/Division in which you want the new Involvement. Your new Involvement will have the same Entry Point, Campus, Security Type, Leader Type, Program and Division, and Main Fellowship flag as the one you were viewing previously.


Make sure that you are actually viewing the existing Involvement, and not just seeing it in a list on Involvements > Search. Otherwise, your new Involvement will not be in the same Program and Division.

Step 2

Go to Involvements > Add New Involvement. This will open a dialog box where you will enter / complete the following:

  • Name (required)

  • Involvement Type

  • Registration Type

  • Campus

  • Check Copy settings from current if you want to copy other settings from the previous Involvement, such as the Schedule and Online Registration Settings.


You will not have the option ‘Copy Settings from current’ if you are not viewing an Involvement when you select Add New Involvement.

Click Submit

Step 3

Go to the Settings tab and verify the settings, making any necessary changes.

There will not be anyone enrolled in this new Involvement, so now you can start adding/enrolling Members.


If the Involvement will be used for Online Registration, you will need to adjust other settings as well.