Has Invalid Email Address

This Condition located on the Contact Info category tab in Search Builder allows you to search for those who have an email address that is not in the correct format. Because this condition is designed to help you find those email addresses that are not correctly formed, it is most useful when you set the value as True. The email address might be missing the @ symbol, or the dot, or have a number of too many letters in the extension. You can most likely figure out how to clean up your bad email addresses just by taking a look at these addresses.

Examples of bad email addresses:

Using this Condition with the value set to False will also return those without an email address in addition to those with good email addresses. You can use other Conditions to find only those without an email address on their record.


You do not need to add this to your searches in order to weed out those with bad email addresses. The system will do that for you and will not send to those addresses. This Condition is to help you clean up your data.