Has Opened Email

Located on the Admin category tab in Search Builder, this Condition is helpful in a numbers of ways.

This Condition, when set to True, will return everyone who has opened a specific email. This requires that you enter the Email ID#. You can also see who opened the email on the Email Details page by selecting the Opened tab. However, by using Search Builder, you have access to the Toolbar, so you can run reports, send another email, add further conditions, and more, for just those who opened it.


From Email Details, you can select Convert to Search all recipients. That will use the condition Email Recipient which will display the Email ID#. You can then add the condition Opened Email, and use the Email ID# displaying in the other condition to find just those that opened that specific email.


In order for this Condition to work effectively, you must include an image and the {track} replacement code. Without those, we have no way to determine who opened your email.

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  • You can see who opened the email and then, by adding another Condition, you can find those that registered for the event you were advertising in your email.

  • You might want to see who opened that email as well as another email. Just add the Condition twice and use each Email ID#.

  • If you send out newsletter-style emails, you can find those who have not opened your most recent emails, and then remove them from your mailing list. Just set the Condition to Not True for that email ID#. The search will look for only those who were recipients of the email and who have not opened it.


If you sent the email, go to your record and select Emails > Sent. Then click the Subject to open the Email Details. The Email ID# will be the number at the end of the URL. Admins or those with Manage Email role can click the subject of the email from the Administration > Manage > Emails list.


Because the NotEqual comparison works a bit differently on this condition, please carefully note the significant distinction between two configurations that, at first, might seem equivalent. If you want to find all those who were on the email recipient list but have not opened the email, use the code HasOpenedEmail NotEqual emailid as below:


But if you want to find all those who have not opened the email, whether or not they were on the recipient list, put the code HasOpenedEmail Equal emailid in a group with the NONE match type, as below:


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