People Extra Value Field

This Condition located on the Extra Values category tab in Search Builder allows you to enter the name of the Extra Value field to find records with that specific Extra Value.

Extra Values are different for every church so make sure you are familiar with the ones in your database.


The name in the Condition dialog box is Has Extra Value Field.

Use Case

We have a Standard Extra Value field named Country of Origin that we use for those enrolled in our ESL classes. If you use this Condition with Country of Origin as the EV text, the results will be only those with data in that Extra Value field even though every record in the database has that EV on it.

You can limit your search by adding a Condition Is Member Of and limit your search to just those enrolled in specific classes.


If you change the Comparison to Not Equal and you use an EV such as Country of Origin, the results will be everyone without any text in that EV field.

There are a number of options for finding Extra Values based on the type of EV you are looking for. So, take a look at the various options to see which best fits what you are looking for.

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