Head or Spouse with Email

This condition located on the Contact Info category tab in Search Builder will first look for and select the Head of Household that has an email address. However, if the HOH does not have an email address, it will select the Spouse.

Use Case

Use this condition if you want to send your email to only one person in the family, and you prefer that it be sent to the Head of Household. This will normally, but not always, be the male Primary Adult. However, you want the spouse to receive it if the HOH does not have an email address.

This Condition is preferring the HOH, not the spouse. However, if you prefer to send the email to the spouse and only send to the HOH if the spouse does not have an email address, use the companion Condition Spouse or Head with Email.

In other words, use this Condition if you want to send email to the dad in the family. Use the other Condition if you want to send to the mom in the family. In both cases, the other person will be sent the email if the first person selected does not have an email address.


You want to make sure that your search will include both Primary Adults in order for this to work properly. If the person is not in the search results, it will not send to them.

Example: Use a condition such as Family Has Children or Family Has Primary Adult Member. These will include the entire family. Then, by adding Head or Spouse with Email, you will send to only one family member.

The head of household is a calculated position. We have defined how that is figured in the article listed below.