Is Member of Directory

Located on the Enrollments category tab in Search Builder this Condition is used behind the scenes to present the appropriate people for the Online Picture Directory.

It will find everyone in a specified Program/Division/Organization that is included in the Online Directory for that Organization or Division. In other words, the results will exclude anyone who has opted out of inclusion in the directory, but will include Prospects and/or Inactive Members if the org has those special Extra Values to include them in the Directory.

Use Case

If you have set up a directory for a Division, you can run this search in order to communicate with the people that will be included in the directory letting them know that it is available to them.

The reason you would use this search and not just email everyone in the Division, is that the results of this Condition will take into consideration those that have opted out of the directory, as well as those who will be included if you have added the EV to the org to include Prospects and/or Inactive Members. Whereas, emailing everyone enrolled in that Division will include those that have opted out, and will not include the Prospects and Inactive Members, unless you specifically use a Condition the specifies Member Types.