Medical Length

Located on the Miscellaneous category tab in Search Builder this Condition was created to help you find those with an allergy text that is longer than you might want. This is especially important if you print the allergy on the Check-In labels.

Select a Comparison, such as Greater, and enter a number of characters to find anyone with Medical/Allergy information on their record with more than the specified number of characters.

The information comes from whatever is in the Allergy field on the person’s people record under the Medical section on the Involvement > Registration tab. This information gets recorded in the database one of a couple of ways - during Check-In when adding a new record or editing an existing one, or during an online registration in which Ask Allergies is selected as one of the questions. Also, a staff member with Edit role can also add information in that field manually.

Use Case - Too Much Information

When capturing this information during self check-in, you will want to keep this information brief and restricted to just allergies, as some churches will elect to have this print on the child’s label. Even if you do not print this on the labels for your members, it will print on the labels for guests. This search will help you find children who may have too much information in that field. You can edit it to make it more appropriate by going to the person’s record Enrollment > Registration tab.

Decide about how many characters you think is appropriate for a label and use the comparison Greater Than or Equal to that number.

Use Case - All Children with Allergies

You might want to add an age condition to find just the children in your database and then add the Medical Length Condition using Greater Than 0 to find all children with allergy information on their records.


Remember to set the preference toggle to Open Person in new Tab so you can click on one person at a time, verify or edit their allergy info and return to the same search without having to run it again. This is located under your name in the header.