Member Status

This Condition located on the Membership category tab in Search Builder allows you to select one or more Church Member Statuses for your search. The values may vary from database to database.

The default Values are as follows:

  • Member

  • Not Member

  • Previous Member

  • Pending Member

  • Just Added


Just Added is a temporary status that is given to every new record at the time it is added to the database. The New Member Manager will change the status from Just Added to Not Member when he validates that record.

Use Case - Membership as of a Specific Date

When you run query for your current membership, you can just select Equals Member. However, if you want you membership as of a specific date (such as 9/1/2016) you need to take several matters into consideration. You wants those with a Member Status of Member who have a Join Date less than or equal to 9/1/2016. But, because you are running the search after that date, you also need to look for Previous Members whose Drop Date is greater than or equal to 9/1/2016.

You can also add other conditions, such as a Resident Code, if you would like to exclude those that are non-residents. Or you might also want to exclude those with bad addresses.

See the image below for the details of a search like this.

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