New People Manager

This article not only defines the New People Manager role, it also outlines the workflow involved when new people records are created.

New People Manager

The New People Manager is the user who will vet (i.e. perform a careful and critical examination of) all new records in the database, and then change the Member Status from Just Added to Not Member.

The New People Manager is not a typical user role, so is not found in the list of roles on the user table. This is a setting in the database. However, the person serving in this role needs the Membership user role in addition to Access and Edit. If this person will also be responsible to converting people records to business entities, the Manager role will also be required.

To Set the New People Manager

The System Admin will go to Administration > Setup > Settings, find the Setting ID named NewPeopleManager and enter the People ID # for the person who will perform this function. You can enter more than one ID# separated by commas, but the main person serving in this role should be listed first. Click the blue checkmark after entering the ID #.

What happens when a new people record is created:

Just Added Member Status

Every new record that is created is automatically assigned the church Member Status of Just Added. This status serves as a flag to indicate that this record has just been created and needs to be thoroughly inspected to insure that all the information is correct and that it is not a duplicate record.

Only after the New People Manager has thoroughly vetted the record will that user change the Member Status to Not Member.

Clicking the button Set Just Added to Not Member on the person’s Profile > Member tab will change the status from Just Added to Not Member. This requires the user role Membership.

New People Data Entry Tasks

Every time a user creates a new people record, they are automatically assigned a Task that is named New Person Data Entry. To complete the task, the person who created the new record should review any paperwork relating to the new person and verify that everything on the record is correct and is as complete as possible.

They should perform a thorough search to ensure that there is not already a record for this person. Also, they should search (by last name, street address, phone number) to see if any other family members are in the database. If they find other family members, they should add the new person to that family.

There are tools to help identify potential duplicates, such as the System > Duplicates tab that lists potential duplicates. And there are conditions in Search Builder to find those with duplicate names and/or email addresses.

After completing that process, the user should mark the Task ‘Completed’. This will send the New People Manager an email indicating that the task for that person has been completed. If you have paperwork such as a guest form, forward that to the New People Manager.


The ‘New Person Data Entry’ tasks will display on the Home Page under My Tasks for the person that created the new record. They will appear on the Task Page (not the Home Page) of the New People Manager.

If the person creating a new record is the New People Manager, no emails will be sent and no tasks will be created.

See the special setting below regarding these Tasks and other notifications.

Final Steps

Once the New People Manager receives the email (and the paperwork) indicating that a task is complete, he/she will double-check to determine that the record is not a duplicate and that the person is in the correct family.

At that point, he/she will change the Member Status from Just Added to Not Member by clicking the button Set Just Added to Not Member on the person’s Profile > Member tab.

This is also when the Contribution Statement option should be set to either Joint or Individual.

Exceptions: Check-In and Online Registrations

For new records that are created during Check-In, or as the result of an on-line registration there will not be a task created for anyone. However, the New People Manager will receive an email notification that a new record has been created. This email will have a link to the new record. At that point, the New People Manager will proceed as above to vet the record and change the Member Status.


In addition to the Completed Task notices, the New People Manager receives the following email notifications:

  • When a My Data user makes a change on their people record (or for anyone else in their family)

  • When a record is edited during Check-In, if the Setting ID NotifyCheckinChanges has been added to the Settings for the church database and is set to true.


If more than one person is listed as the New People Manager, they will all receive these other email notifications. However, only the first one listed will receive the Completed Task emails.


Periodically, the New People Manager should run searches looking for anyone with a Member Status of Just Added. This will help find any record that might have fallen through the cracks. Adding the condition Record created on date allows you to look for older records.

Important Note Regarding Duplicate Records

TouchPoint has a number of features to help prevent duplicates and to make discovering and resolving them easy. This still requires a good policy and diligence, but the tools encourage this through the smooth workflow process. TouchPoint has automatic potential duplicate detection and Admin level ability to move data from the duplicate to the correct record and delete the duplicate. This whole process is important for several reasons:

  1. We can minister to people better if we have correct and complete information about them in the database (and have them in the correct family).

  2. If there are duplicate records for a person, it inhibits the church’s ministry to that person.

  3. Remember, your database might be small now, but it will grow. Following good procedures now will give you a much cleaner database in the future.

Special Setting

There is one setting that relates to the tasks performed by the New People Manager.


If this setting is added to the database and set to true the New People Manager will receive an email when a new record is added during Check-In.

Latest Update


Removed NoNewPersonTasks setting.