Member Type As Of

Located on the Enrollment History category tab in Search Builder this Condition allows you select one or more organization member types from a drop down, and then select a Date Range. It also allows you to specify one of more of the following:

  • Program

  • Division

  • Organization

  • Org Type

Use Case

If you want to find everyone who was a Life Group Teacher during the previous year, select Equal Teacher and then the Program Life Groups. Then select from the date picker the specific date range you are interested in.


If you are looking for anyone who was enrolled in a specified Program/Division during that date range, you will want to select the Comparison One Of and Select All for the Value. This will give you everyone, regardless of the Member Type they were assigned when they were enrolled. You may also want to use the Condition Was Member As Of, if you want to find everyone regardless of their Member Type.