Add Primary Adults

Located on Miscellaneous Tab in Search Builder, this condition is one you would add after you have run the search based on other criteria.

Adding this Condition will add both Primary Adults (Plus Parents Of is the alternate name of the Condition) in the families of anyone already in your search. If any of the children in your search results has a Parent extra value on their record, the specified non-custodial parent will also be included in the results.

The best way to use this to ensure that you get the result you intend would be to run your search to find the children, and then add this Condition which will add the parents, i.e. the Primary Adults in the family. So, your final results will be both children and parents.

Use Case

You want a list of all students enrolled in Life Groups. Then you also want to include the parents, who would be the Primary Adults in their family. Search for the students first, then add this condition to add the Primary Adults to the search results.


If you are running a search in order to send an email to the parents, you can omit this condition, find the children, and use the Email > Parents option from the Toolbar