Extra Value - Parent

If your church has children with divorced parents (I think we all do), and both parents are in the database, you probably have need of this feature. By using a special Extra Value, when emailing parents, you can have emails go to both sets of parents - the family in which the child is grouped in the database, as well as the other parent who is in a separate family.


A child can be in only one family in the database. These are records of actual people, not just records. So, the child can have only one people record.

This Extra Value named Parent can be added to a child’s record on the Profile > Extra Values tab. The Extra Value type is an Integer. The Value will be the People ID # for the non-custodial parent - the one that is not in the same family as their child.

If the child has that specific Extra Value on their record, whenever anyone emails and selects Email > Parents both the non-custodial parent as well as the parents in the same family as the child will receive the email.

The Parent extra value will also affect the results of certain search conditions, adding the identified non-custodial parent to the results of the Parents Of and the Plus Parents Of query conditions.


The Extra Value goes on the child’s record, not the parent’s record.


Johnny lives with his mother Mary and her husband Fred. However, Johnny’s father Bill shares custody and is in the database also. Even though John divides his time equally between both households, in TouchPoint, he is in the family with his mother. A person can be in only one family in the database. By adding the Extra Value of Parent to Johnny’s record and by using Bill’s People ID as the Value, Bill will get emails whenever anyone selects Email > Parents from the toolbar.


You can also use this feature if you want grandparents who are in your database to receive emails, in cases where the child’s parents are not in the database. Just use the People ID # of the grandparent on the Parent Extra Value that you put on the child’s record. You should also use the Related Families description to connect the child to the grandparents. Example: Johnny is the grandchild of M/M Smith.


In order to email the person whose People ID# is in the Parent Extra Value on the child’s record, you must use Email > Parents. This will not work with Email > Child w/Parents CC’d.

To add the Parent Extra Value to a child’s record:

Step 1

Find the People ID # of the parent (or grandparent). It is the number at the end of the URL when you are viewing their people record.

Step 2

Go to the child’s record, and click on Profile > Extra Values tab and then click Adhoc Extra Values

Step 3

From the blue toolbar under the gear icon, select Add Extra Values

Select Integer as the Type.

Enter Parent as the Name of the Extra Value.

Enter the Integer Value, which is the People ID # of the parent (the one who is not in the same family as the child).

Step 4

Click the blue Save button.

Check-In and Parent Extra Value

If you have children with a Parent Extra Value on their records, you may want to add this setting ShowChildInExtraValueParentFamily = true to your database. This will allow a non-custodial parent (who is in your database) to enter his own phone number (not the phone number of the family that the child is in) and the child will display in that parent’s family list for check-in.


Both the Parent Extra Value and this setting are required in order for this to work properly.