Receive SMS (Texts)

This Condition located on the Contact Info category tab in Search Builder will allow you to find those who have (or have not) opted-in for receiving texts messages.

Use Case

You can create a search to find everyone enrolled in your specific ministry and add this Condition to return those that have not opted in for SMS. You can then send an email asking if they want to receive text messages. The article indicated below has further ideas for easy ways for people to opt-in for texting.

Sample Search Code

See also

Texting: Opt-In


When you send a text via TouchPoint you will always be presented with the option to also send an email to the same set of people. If you follow the text with an email, you will ensure that everyone will receive your message even those that will not receive your text.

You do not need to filter for just those that have opted in for texts before sending your text. Texts will only be sent to those that have opted in, but the follow up email will go to everyone, including those that also received the text.

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