Texting: Opt-In

SMS Groups are subscription-based. Users may be opted in, opted out, or neutral (neither opted in nor opted out). On the People page, you will see a Communications > Subscriptions tab. This is where both email opt-outs and text message subscriptions may be managed. Users are able to subscribe per SMS Group, allowing them to easily manage their communication preferences.



End Users will see your group names, so ensure your SMS Groups are clearly labeled.

Newly created records will automatically be opted in to SMS on the Communications > Subscriptions tab of their People page. They will be able to receive an initial text from any PBT or Twilio Group which will automatically opt them into that group. The recipient will also receive a compliance text stating:

You have been opted in to SMS messages from GROUP NAME. To unsubscribe reply STOP or to not receive any SMS reply STOP ALL.

New and existing text subscribers will opt themselves in to receiving texts from one or more groups by using one of the following methods:

  1. For MyData Users, opting in on the Communications > Subscriptions tab for the appropriate group(s) by checking the appropriate box. Any User can edit personal information on his/her own people record, and on those for his/her family members.

  2. Users that have opted out on their Subscriptions tab or texted STOP or STOPALL to stop receiving texts from a Twilio group/phone number can text START or UNSTOP to the same Twilio group phone number(s) as provided on the Subscriptions tab of their people record to resume receiving messages from that Twilio number. For PBT, users must text the Keyword for that group. START OR UNSTOP does not work with PBT.


    If a User has texted STOP ALL, he/she will be required to text START or UNSTOP to opt back in to receiving texts. STOP ALL (with a space) will not work with PBT.

    You will want to provide instruction to your users to encourage opting in. Newly created people records with a valid cell phone on their profile will automatically be opted in. You can use a FreeForm Instruction block to provide additional information in a registration and include instructions in the footer of your email templates to manage SMS subscriptions. We also suggest including this in your emails that you send as follow-ups to texts.

    Sample text below:

    Want to receive text messages from our church to be notified of upcoming events? Text “START” to XXX-XXX-XXXX to be added to our list. Modify your email and text subscriptions on your Communications > Subscriptions tab of your personal record.


To opt in to Twilio groups, users must text START to the number associated with that group. To opt in to PBT groups (or to communicate with a specific group), users must text the Keyword (set up in your PBT account) associated with that group.


You can use Search Builder to find everyone is set to receive texts by using the Condition Receive SMS (texts) which is on the Contact Info tab. You may also find those who are subscribed to groups or opted out.

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