Recent Attendance Count by Attendance Credit

This Condition located on the Recent Recent Attendance category tab in Search Builder will find people based on an Attendance Credit Type within a Program/Division/Organization with or without a Schedule looking back a specified number of days. This does require that you enter the Attendance Credit ID.


Attend Credit Type IDs can be found under Administration > Setup > Lookup Code. These are in the Organization section.

Chart with standard ID#s

Sample with the Condition filled in

Notice that in the above image the Attend Credit ID is 2. This will look for attendees in Adult Choir who attended 3 or more times over the past 45 days in a meeting with a the Attend Credit of Once Per Week Group 1 for the Schedule Wed 6:30 PM.

In this example, we can find out how many choir members are regularly attending the Wed evening rehearsal and then compare that with a search for those regularly attending the Sun afternoon rehearsal.

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