Recent Contribution Amount Both Joint

This Condition located on the Contributions category tab in Search Builder like all with Recent in the name, will look back the number of days you specify. You also enter an Amount and Fund ID# (optional).

Use this Condition if you want both husband and wife in the search results even if they give Jointly and even if one of the spouses has no contributions recorded in their name.

This condition will give you just that. The search results will contain both spouses and any individual givers. The amount specified in your condition, will look at the total for joint giving units.


The results will contain anyone who has given and meets the parameters, regardless of their Statement Option. However, for those with the Statement Option of Joint, it does return both spouses in the results.

If you do not want to specify an Amount and also get both spouses in the results, like with this Condition, there is another Condition that works the same way. The only difference is that you do not specify an amount.

See also

Recent Giver

However, if you want the number of ‘giving units’, then you would want the results to include only one member of the family - the HOH.

We have another condition that will do just that.


You must have Finance role in order to get results using any Condition regarding contributions.