Status Flag

Located in the Miscellaneous category in Search Builder, the condition for Status Flag allows you to select Status Flags from a drop down and find the people who have one of the selected Status Flags.

Most churches will have these starter Status Flags:

Active Attender

This looks for anyone who has attended anything 10 or more times in the past 140 days.

In Fellowship

This looks for anyone who is enrolled in a Main Fellowship class.

Recent New Visitor

This looks back 30 days for anyone who has visited anything for the very first time.

If you want to find someone with several of these flags, select one flag and add it to the search. Then select a different flag and add it, making sure that your top condition statement is “Match ALL of these conditions”.


In Search Builder, selecting One Of as the Comparison type for your Conditions will always find those who meet ANY (not All) of those criteria. To find those with all of those Conditions, build the search with each status as a separate condition.

Multiple Status Flags

To find everyone who fits more than one of these statuses, make your top Condition Match ALL of the conditions below and add this Condition multiple times with a different Status Flag selected each time (as in the image below). In this example, the results would be everyone who is Connected (enrolled in a Main Fellowship class) and is attending regularly.

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