Status Flag

Located on the Miscellaneous category tab in Search Builder this Condition allows you to specify a Status Flag for your search. These status flags are based on some very specific Saved Searches in your database.

Most churches will have the following Status Flags:

Active Attender - This looks for anyone who has attended anything 10 or more times in the past 140 days.

In Fellowship - This looks for anyone who is enrolled in a Main Fellowship class.

Recent New Visitor - This looks back 30 days for anyone who has visited anything for the very first time.

If you select the Comparison One of and select several Status Flags, the results will be people that match any of those selected.

Multiple Status Flags

To find everyone who fits more than one of these statuses, make your top Condition Match ALL of the conditions below and add this Condition multiple times with a different Status Flag selected each time (as in the image below). In this example, the results would be everyone who is Connected (enrolled in a Main Fellowship class) and is attending regularly.


Status Flags are updated nightly. So, if you make a lot of changes on your database (like you would on a Monday after Sunday’s attendance and membership decisions have been entered) and want to run this type of search, you will want to have your TouchPoint Admin update the status flags manually. This is an option under the Administration menu and take a few seconds to run.

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