Open Person in New Tab

This is a wonderful feature that allows you to view a list of people and view individual people records without losing your original search.

The feature is available on the following pages:

  • People > Search / Find

  • Search Builder results

  • Tags

  • Organization People list

  • Names listed in Birthdays section on Home Page

When this is set to on (which is the default), and you click on a name in the list, that person’s record will open in a new tab. This means you can look at that person’s record, even edit it if you need to, without losing your search results in Search Builder, your filtered list in People Search, your Tag, or the organization.


It is possible for you to ‘lose the focus’ of that new tab, if, for example, you move from that person’s record to a new search (instead of returning to the tab with your original search). You will notice that this has happened, if you click a link in the new search, and the link for the individual does not open a new tab. Just close and reopen TouchPoint.

More about how it works

Your search results (list) will be retained on one tab, and a new tab will be opened for the person whose name you clicked. This allows you to move back and forth between your search results (list) and the person’s record. When you return to the tab with your search results, you can click on another person. Each time you click a different name, the people record on the other tab changes to that person’s record. It does not keep opening a new tab for each new person; it uses that first new tab.

The option Open Person in New Tab is controlled by you. You can set this as either off or on in the Welcome drop-down where you see your name in the main menu. If the toggle is green, the option it turned on.

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If you like looking at windows side-by-side, just drag one tab off to the side, out of the main window. Voila! Two windows - one with the search and one with the person. When you use it this way, you can see the person page changing in one tab as you click a name in the search results in the other tab.