Week at a Glance and Average Week at a Glance

Week at a Glance Report

The Week At a Glance Report is accessed from the main menu under Reports > Attendance Summary. It is configured by your church’s TouchPoint administrator to contain the Programs and Divisions for which your church tracks attendance on a weekly basis. These might be Sunday morning Worship Services, Life Group Classes (Small Groups), Wednesday evening programming, and others.

Which Date?

Enter a Sunday date to see the Week at a Glance for that church week. If you include Wednesday night activities, the report will include the Wednesday prior to the Sunday you specified. In other words, the church week runs from Wednesday through Tuesday.

Drill Down to Meetings Report

Meetings Report

While the Week at a Glance is a summary style report, with each row representing a Division, it is designed for you to click on any of the totals to drill down to the Meetings Report. This report displays all of the organizations included in the total from the Week at a Glance with one row per meeting. And, each row contains links to drill down to the individual Meeting (click the date/time) or to the organization (click the org name).

The top portion of the report contains a summary representing the counts for whatever total you selected on the Week at a Glance Report. These summaries are as follows, with each total being a link to Convert to Search to give you the people that make up that total:

  • Total Individuals

  • Total Guests

  • Total Meetings

  • Total Count

  • Total Attends

  • Other Attends

We have a separate article with more detail about the Meetings Report.

See also

Meetings Report

Our companion article to this one gives you the details (specs) of configuring the report to fit the needs of your church.

Sample Report

In the image below, notice the numbers that are blue. Those are the links to drill down for more information.


Week at a Glance

Average Week at a Glance

There is no extra set up required for the Average Week At a Glance Report. It is just like the Week At a Glance, except that it can be run for a date range to get an average. You have the option of omitting specific dates from the report. This is useful for Sundays when you have Worship, but small groups don’t meet, perhaps on Easter. Because the report has averages, you cannot drill down to the Meetings Report.

A word about the Total Average Computation

If all your division lines contain the same number of weeks with attendance, then the total average will sum up nicely. However, if some rows have fewer weeks than others, then the sum of the averages will not equal the average total shown. Click on the following image for an explanation of why this is true.


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