Meetings Report

This report has a summary section and a meetings grid section. The summary gives total numbers, whereas the meetings grid will be a list of every meeting for every organization included in the group of organizations for which you have either filtered or selected.

You have two options for generating this report.

Option 1 - Organizations > Search/Manage Page

Step 1

Go to Organizations Search / Manage and filter for a Program and/or Division (or other criteria). You do not have to specify a Program and Division; however, you will probably want to do so just to limit the number of rows displayed.

Step 2

Select from the Blue Toolbar Cloud Icon > Reports > Meetings.

The report will default to the most recent Sunday. However, you can select another date once you are viewing the report.

Option 2 - Week at a Glance

Step 1

Select Reports > Attendance Summary > Week at a Glance.

Step 2

Drill down by clicking on any of the totals.

- To display just one Division, click the total for that Division.
- To display all the meetings for a Program, click the grand total for that section of the report.

The report will display the meetings for the date specified on the Week at a Glance Report. You can change the date.

Regardless of how you access the report, by default, No Zero Meetings is checked so that it will not display those organizations that did not have meetings on the specified date. Uncheck the box to see all organizations in your search parameters.


If you use TouchPoint Check-In, you might want to generate this on your iPad or laptop. By periodically refreshing your screen, you can monitor the attendance as people are checking themselves in to their classes.


At the top of the report will be the Summary with the following items:

Total Individuals

Number of unique people who attended one or more of the Meetings in the list.

Total Count

Total Headcount and Individual Attendance

Total Guests

Total New and Recent Guests (visiting members are not included)

Total Attends

Total number of individual attendances, not individuals. If a person attended more than one of the organizations, they will be included twice in this count. This does not include the Headcounts. Total Attends might be more than the Total Individuals.

Total Meeting

Number of meetings on that date for the range of organizations.

Other Attends

Number of people who are counted as Off-Site or In-Service or attended a class other than the one in which they are enrolled.

See also

Attendance Types


The links for Total Individuals and Total Guests are Convert to Search Builder links. This allows you to see the individuals who make up those totals, and run reports, send emails, or perform other functions.

In the example below, the Total Count and Total Attends are the same because there are no Headcount meetings.

No Headcount Meetings

In the example below, the Total Count and Total Attends are not the same, because there are Headcount meetings included.

Headcount Meetings Included

Meetings Grid

The default sort is by Attendance Count and Attendance Recorded (whichever is greater). However, you can sort by any of the columns. The Meetings Report grid contains the following columns:

Time (Schedule)

This is a link that takes you to that specific meeting.

See also

Meeting Page

Attendance Count

This is Headcount Attendance.

Attendance Recorded

This is Individual Attendance. An asterisk will indicate that the meeting has a member who had an ‘other attend.’


This is the number of New or Recent Guests.


This is the name of the Main Division.


This is the name of the organization and is a link that takes you to the Members tab of the organization.


This is the name of the person whose Member Type matches the Leader Type for the organization and is a link to the person page for that individual.

See also

Leader Types


To view those who were off-site, in-service or attended another class, click on the Meeting Date/Time. This will take you to the meeting page. Then select Show: All. Those with Other Attendance will have a 1 in the Other Attend column.

Sample Meetings Report

Meetings Report

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