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To find out more about TouchPoint’s ticketing platform and associated costs, see the Ticketing in TouchPoint help article.

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Ticketing Setup

If you have the Ticketing role, go to Administration > Advanced > Venues. The only thing you will see before any venues or events are created is the New Venue button at the top. Click the button and you will see two options:

  • Without Sections - This is best suited for venues accommodating less than 1,000 people. This may be a large conference room, small theater, gymnasium or any other small space.

  • With Sections and Floors - This is optimal for much larger spaces such as theaters, stadiums, and concert halls where spaces are sectioned off.

Watch the tutorial provided under the help menu when creating a venue. If you need additional assistance, TouchPoint staff can build your venues for a fee.


There are three types of ticketed events that can be created:

  1. General Admission

  2. General Admission by Section

  3. Reserved Seating

You may start by creating a General Admission by Section and a Reserved Seating chart, which are the most common. Various venues can be created using your sanctuary, auditorium, conference center, or an offsite venue.

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