Texting: Opt-In

Because texting is an opt-in type of communication, before you can begin sending texts, you will need to set the SMS flag on the people records of those in your database who want to opt-in to receive your texts.

My Data and OrgLeader Only Users

Any user can edit personal information on his own people record, and on those for his family members and can opt-in for texting by checking the box SMS Opt-In?. So, the simplest way to get people opted-in is to advertise that you will be using texting, and ask all users to update their own records, adding their cell phone numbers and checking SMS Opt-In?.

Online Registration SMS Opt-In

Another easy way to get people to opt-in is to add SMS Opt-In as a question on any online registration. If a registrant logs in to register and answers “Yes” to the question “Opt-in to receive text messages (SMS)?” when he completes the registration the SMS flag will automatically get set on his record. This flag will not get set if the person finds his record instead of logging in.

Therefore, be sure to send a Register Link or a Register Link 2 for your registrations. Using one of those links is as though the person has logged in and the SMS setting will get captured, even if they do not already have a user account.

Once you know people have opted-in, you can begin sending texts.


You can use Search Builder to find everyone who has opted in to receive texts by using the Condition Receive SMS (texts) which is on the Contact Info tab.

After you have people opted-in to receive texts, you can begin texting.