Add a New Organization Member

There are several easy ways to enroll a person as a member in an organization based on their activity.


If the person is enrolled in an organization with the same Schedule, you will receive a warning. In that case, you should ‘move’ them using another process. If the org is for volunteers who serve periodically, you can over-ride this constraint using Allow Attendance Overlap.

A Guest who has visited the class before

Step 1
Go to the Organization Guests Tab.
Step 2
Find the person in the list.
Step 3
Click Join Org and then Yes, continue. The guest will be moved to the Member tab.


There is also a shortcut for enrolling all Guests who attended a specific meeting. While on the Meeting page, from the Blue Toolbar select gear icon > Add All Guests to Org. Then click ‘Yes, continue’ and all of the Guests who attended that Meeting will become Members of the Organization.

A Prospect who has not visited the class before

Step 1
Go to the Organization Prospects Tab, and find the person in the list.
Step 2
Click the Member Type - which will be Prospect
Step 4

Click Edit and use the dropdown to change the Member Type from Prospect to Member.

Click Save and then Close the dialog box. The Prospect will be moved to the Member tab.

A person who is neither a Prospect nor a Guest

Step 1
Select Members > Add Members on the Organization page.
Step 2
Use the normal Search / Add procedure to find the person. Click the name to Select and then click Commit and Add.


If you are adding Members and will then create meetings that pre-date the Enrollment Date for the Members, you will need to change their Enrollment Date so that it pre-dates the date of the meeting.

Adding members from a Tag

You can also add groups of people from a Tag. This is helpful is you are building a new class and want to add a lot of people at one time. It has other use cases as well.

Step 1
Select Members > Add from Tag.
Step 2
Find the appropriate Tag from the drop down list. Click Select Tag, and then click Add People.
Step 3
When the process completes, click the Dismiss button.

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