Attendance Settings Tab

The following are found on the Settings > Attendance tab for all Organizations:

Does NOT Meet Weekly

Check this box if you want to assign a schedule, but the organization does NOT meet every week. This would be for Organizations that meet regularly, but just not every week. For example: They meet monthly or every other week.

This setting prevents extraneous meetings and Other Attend records from being created when someone attends at the same time as a scheduled time on this organization which may not have met.


Assign a schedule to an Organization if it meets weekly and:

  • You want it to display for checkin.
  • You want to be able to select a Schedule

when printing roll sheets from Organization > Search / Manage.

Basically, if it meets weekly, add a Schedule; if it does not meet weekly, do not add a Schedule.

You can create an ad-hoc meeting at any time and have it display for checkin. You can also create meetings for multiple organizations at one time.

See also

Create a Meeting


If you are using self-checkin for an Organization, you must have either a Schedule on the Organization, or you must create the ad-hoc meeting ahead of time. If not, no one will be able to checkin.

Also, you must either leave the Last Meeting Date empty or make sure it is a future date.

Allow Attendance Overlap

Check this if the Organization needs a Schedule and it is reasonable for someone to be able to attend a meeting for this Organization as well as another Organization with the same Schedule.

Example: 2 meetings start at 8:00 AM on Sunday, but one lasts an hour and another lasts 2 hours. A person could go to the first one and then the last half of the second one.

Without this flag checked, when recording attendance, a message will display that the person has already been marked present elsewhere. A warning will also appear if you try to enroll someone in one of these Organizations, and he is already enrolled in another one with the same Schedule.

Allow Self-Checkin

Check this box if you are using touchscreen or iPad checkin in order for the class to display in the list of available classes.

Suspend Checkin

This checkbox is used to remove a class from the first screen that displays when adding a person to a class using checkin. However, the class will still display (by design) if you press the ‘magic’ button. This is useful if you have a class that is full and you want to direct guests to other classes.

Allow Non-Campus Checkin

If you are using self-checkin and you have multiple campuses, and you have an Organization (that is assigned a campus) and you want that organization to display as available for checkin to anyone, regardless of the campus where they are checking in, select this box. These classes will display for everyone, whether or not they are enrolled in that organization or have visited that organization.


Also, if you have multiple campuses in your database and you do not assign a campus to Organizations used for self-checkin, they will display without this box being checked.

Off-Site Trip

Select this box if the Organization is a mission trip, camp, retreat - anything that will be taking its Members off-campus. When this box is checked, the people enrolled will be assigned an Other Attend type of attendance for any Meeting they miss. This requires a First and Last Meeting Date. See below.

No security label required

When checked for an Organization using self-checkin, a security label will not print.

Number of Checkin Labels

Enter the number of labels you want to print for a person using self-checkin when they check into that Organization.

Number of Worker Checkin Labels

Enter the number of labels you want to print for leaders checking into the Organization when they use self-checkin.

First Meeting Date

When you change this date, the list of Guests for the Organization will start over as of the First Meeting Date. This date (and a Last Meeting Date) is required when used in conjunction with the Of-Site Trip checkbox (see item above).

Last Meeting Date

This (and a First Meeting Date) is required when used in conjunction with the Off-Site Trip checkbox (see item above). Also, if you use Check-In this must either be left empty or be a future date.


The First and Last Meeting Dates will display beside the name of the Org when it is used as a pick list Org for User Selects type of Registration.

Rollsheet Guest Weeks

This is how long a Guest (not a Member) will print on a roll sheet after their last visit. The default is 3 weeks unless otherwise specified. This is also how long a class will display in checkin for a recent Guest.

Consecutive Absents Threshold

This is how many consecutive Meeting Absences an Organization Member can have before they are listed in the Email Attendance Notice. The default is 2 consecutive Meetings. If you want to change this, enter a number in the Consecutive Absent Threshold field.

Start Birthday and End Birthday

If you are using this Organization for online registration and the Registration Type is Compute Org by Birthday you must select a month/day/year from the calendar for both of these settings. This will allow only those born between those dates to register for that Organization.

This is also used to determine which classes to display for guests in Checkin.


You can download this Excel Spreadsheet to help you compute the date range.

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