Saved Searches

For basic Search Builder instructions, including how to create a new search and save it, you will want to review the main Search Builder article.

Other Options on Saved Searches


To limit the searches in the list, check any (or a combination) of the following boxes and then press the blue Filter button:

Only my queries?
This will display just the searches you own, not anyone else’s public searches.
Public only?
This will show you all searches that are public, regardless of the owner.
Scratch pads only?
This will display your recent searches that were not saved.
Status flags only?

This will display only Status Flags that are public.

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Status Flags

You can also enter in the text box either part of the description (name of the search) or the  username of the search owner and then press Filter.


You can select any of the following column headers to sort by that column: Description, Owner, Public, Last Run, and Count.


Select the Edit button to change the name of your search or the visibility (Public or not).


Click the red Delete button to delete your saved search.


Only the owner of the saved search or the System Admin can edit or delete a saved search.

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