User Accounts and New User Welcome

Customize New User Welcome Email

Every database will have a default New User Welcome Email that you send to give users their username and a link to set their password. Your System Admin will probably want to customize that email for your church.

Step 1

Go to Admin > Communication > Email Templates and find the template named NewUserWelcome.

Step 2

Click the link for NewUserWelcome. This will open the editor where you can modify the email. When finished, click the Save Template button.


Below is an sample of a New User Welcome email. In order to give the new user what they need, you must include these email replacement codes:

  • {username}

  • {link}

  • {cmshost}

Hi {name},
You now have a new user account on TouchPoint, our church's Church Management System.

Your username is: {username}
Click this link to create your password: {link}

NOTE: If these links do not appear as links, copy and paste them into your browser.

You can access the site anytime using this link: {cmshost}


Church Staff

When you save your email, it will replace the default New User Welcome email.


When you create a new user, be sure to click the Send Welcome Email? box so they will receive the New User Welcome.

See also

New Users And Roles for how to create user accounts and assign roles.

For My Data users, your System Admin can send an email with a link which allows those in your database to create their own My Data accounts.

See also

MyData Accounts

Forgot Password

If a user forgets their username or password, they can easily request a one-use only link that will expire if not used within 24 hours.


If the user clicks the link but does not set their password then, they will not be able to return to that email and use the link again. That counts as the one-click use. They should just request another link as before.

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