Lay Leaders as Users on TouchPoint

OrgLeadersOnly Role

The user role OrgLeadersOnly is the role assigned to someone who is a lay leader in the church, in order to enable him to use TouchPoint to minister to the people in the Organizations in which he is a leader.

We have some short videos that will walk you through a few things you can do as a lay leader.


In order for OrgLeadersOnly role to function correctly, the user must have both the role Access as well as OrgLeadersOnly. The user must also be enrolled in the Organization he leads, and be assigned a Member Type that is designated as a Leader Attend Type.

This will give the user permission to view people records for only those associated with Organizations in which he is a leader (see FAQs below).

He will not have permissions to view records of members in other Organizations in which he is enrolled but not a leader.


Exception: OrgLeadersOnly role can also be used in conjunction with Parent/Child Organizations (as outlined below) to give a Leader access to Organizations in which he is not a member.

FAQ re Lay Leaders

What makes a Member of an Organization a Leader?

A Leader is determined by their Member Type within an Organization. The following Member Types are examples of Leader Member Types:

  • Teacher

  • President

  • Director

  • Section Leader

  • Instructor

  • Leader

  • Group Leader

All other Member Types would be considered Members, not Leaders.


Your church’s TouchPoint Admin can determine which member types are considered Leaders. This is done using the Lookup Codes. We set some of the more obvious ones in your database as Leader types, but each church should go through the list very thoroughly and determine which types should be Leaders.

How is OrgLeadersOnly better than giving full access to lay leaders?

This role limits a user’s access so that they see fewer people and Organizations. Because of that limitation, you can assign more privileges. For example: you might assign Manage Groups role in order to allow lay users to create small groups within their Organization. Or, you could assign Attendance roll allowing the leader to take attendance for his own class. Most churches does not want all of their leaders having access to all people records in the database.

Should I delete the user account when a person is no longer a leader?

No. That is not necessary. You can leave the account as it is. Once the person is no longer a leader, he will no longer have access to any people or organizations other than his own family. If he becomes a leader again, he will already have an account. However, if you do decide to remove OrgLeaderOnly access, just change it to My Data, so the person can still access his own family’s records, and have a username and password for online registrations and / or online giving.

What can I do using TouchPoint as a Lay Leader?
  • Send emails to your entire Organization, an individual, or a sub-group within the Organization

  • Generate any of the directories available from the blue Toolbar

  • Print labels to mail cards/letters

  • Generate reports such as the Family Report or the Inreach/Outreach Forms

  • View individual Meetings to see the attendance

  • Use Convert to Search to find those who were absent, present, or a guest

  • Record Contacts when you make a phone call or visit to class members or visitors

  • Assign Tasks to other class members (who have user accounts) asking them to make a Contact to someone in the class or to a visitor

  • Access TouchPoint News Blog and Help Documentation (Help Menu)

  • Download the TouchPoint app for iPhone and Android to use for finding people in their groups and recording attendance (if given Attendance role)

  • Receive the Email Attendance notices sent by the staff

What people and organizations can I see as an OrgLeaderOnly?
  • Current members of any Organization you lead

  • Previous members of any Organization you lead, for 3 years after the person’s drop date from the org

  • Guests who visited in the last year to one of the Organizations you lead, excluding unshared Organizations

  • Members and Guests of any organization that is a Child Org of a Parent Org in which the user is a Leader

  • Any Organization in which you are a leader - the organization itself, in order to email people or run reports or other functions for that org

  • All members of your family

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