Export Members

This export is available from the blue Toolbar on the Organizations > Search/Manage page and will contain one row for each member of each organization included in your filters. This export is basically the same as the Member Export you can access from an individual Organization. However, the Member Export (for a single org) contains a column for Questions from an online registration, and the export from Org>Search does not. Depending on how you plan to use the export you can decide which fits your needs.

See also

Member Export


After you open the spreadsheet, use the filter function in Excel to look for those individuals who fit certain criteria. For example: find everyone with non-blanks in the Medical Info column; or use the text search in the filter to find specific words in the Member Info column.

Generate the Export

Step 1

Go to Organizations > Search/Manage and select the appropriate filters, such as, but not limited to, a Program and Division. Then select Search.

Step 2

From the blue Toolbar select the cloud icon and then the Excel Export > Export Members option.

This export contains the following information about the organization members:

  • Organization ID

  • Organization Name

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Gender

  • Grade

  • Shirt Size

  • Request

  • Amount (fee)

  • Amount Paid (fees paid)

  • Has Balance (if zero, no balance; if 1, there is a balance due)

  • Groups (sub-groups)

  • Email

  • Phone Numbers - Home, Cell, Work

  • Age

  • Birth Date

  • Join Date (church)

  • Member Status (church)

  • School

  • Last Attended Date (in this org)

  • Attendance Percentage (in this org)

  • Attendance String (in this org)

  • Member Type (in this org)

  • Member Info (date/time registered; amount and transaction ID; med information)

  • Inactive Date

  • Medical/Allergy information

  • People ID #

  • Enrollment Date (in this org)

  • Number of Tickets (for registration using Ask Tickets)


The Attendance String has the most recent attendance on the far right.