Member Export

Member Export

This export is available when you are viewing an organization. It contains information that is specific to that organization’s members. It is especially helpful for organizations that are used for camps, trips, teams, as it contains information that is requested on on-line registration forms.

This is also the export you can use to find those that still have a balance due or how many tickets the person purchased, if the registration used Ask Tickets.


You can generate an Excel export of org members from the Organizations > Search/Manage page as well. It is very similar to the Member Export described in this article, but it does not contains all the Questions/Answers from an online registration.

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Generate the Member Export

While on the organization, select the Blue Toolbar > Cloud Icon > Org Members Export > Member Export.

The Member Export contains the following information:

  • Org ID

  • Org Name

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Gender

  • Grade

  • Shirt Size

  • Request

  • Amount (fee)

  • Amount Paid (fees paid)

  • Has Balance (if the person has a balance, a 1 will display)

  • Groups (small groups within the organization)

  • Email

  • Phone Numbers - Home, Cell, Work

  • Age

  • Birth Date

  • Church Join Date

  • Church Member Status

  • School

  • Last Attended Date (in this org)

  • Attendance Percentage (in this org)

  • Attendance String (in this org)

  • Member Type (within the org)

  • Member Info (date/time registered; amount and transaction ID; med information)

  • Questions (from the online registration)

  • Inactive Date

  • Medical/Allergy information

  • People ID #

  • Enrollment Date

  • Number of Tickets (for registration using Ask Tickets)

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