Labels - Family and Group By Address

Address Labels - Family

Family Labels

When selecting Address Labels from the Toolbar and the Family option in the Addressed To section of the Format Options dialog box, one family label will print, instead of individual labels for each person. These are based on the Head of Household and the makeup of the family. Therefore, there are different variations of labels that will print.

Head of Household is a calculated designation, not a Position in the family. Click HERE for a full explanation of how HOH is determined.

See below for the various example of Family Labels for the different types of families.

Examples of Family Labels

These examples indicate how the labels will look based on the Head of Household and family makeup.

Couple only:
Henry Jones & Family
125 Main St
Little Town, TN 38060
Couple with children:
The Jason Dillard Family
1546 Aspen Trails
Cordova, TN 38016
Single Adult HOH - with no other family members
Joe Andrews
6137 Quince Rd
Memphis, TN 38119-7504
Child HOH - with no one else in the family in the database:
Chase Zurbruger
15 Woodland Trace
Smithville, TN 38555
Child HOH- with other younger siblings (but no Primary Adult) in the family in the database:
Grace Johnson & Family
1735 George Washington Ave
Metropolis, TN 38112

These Family types of labels as well as the Group by Address labels use the name of the calculated Head of Household as the last name on the labels.


If you also select Use Titles when selecting Family Labels the only label that will actually include a title will be single adult HOHs.

Address Labels - Group by Address


This is available only for the Address Labels options - the PDF and the Word versions.

Group by Address

This option is under Addressed To in the Format Options dialog box that opens after you select Address Labels. It is a nice option when you are mailing to a group that includes multiple family members (such as brother and sisters) and you want only one mailing piece sent to the family.

This will print one label per address and will list only the family members who are included in your selected group of people. The label will use the last name of the head of household and the first names of those included in the search results, Org or Tag.


Please be aware that the last name on these labels will always be that of the HOH for the family. Even if one or more of the children has a different last name than that of the HOH, the label will still have the HOH’s last name, as that is considered to be the family’s last name.

Example of Group by Address Label

There is more than one child from the same family in the children’s choir. The label would read:

Brooke, Jacob & Caleb Astor
123 Main St
Jones Orchard, TN 38111