There are three methods to check someone out of a class:

  1. Using Security Codes generated on labels at the point of Check-In.

  2. Scanning a QR code as the person is checked out of the classroom.

  3. Class teachers can use the Classroom Dashboard.

The Leader must have the Checkout Role for methods 2 and 3.

How To Set Up

  1. Security Code - The standard method using the security code printed on the Check-In label. The Check-Out authorized person will present their security code to the Leader to match with the Child’s label.

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  2. QR Code - Choose the correct QR Code label options at Admin > Involvements > Check-In > Labels. When the person is checking in, they can optionally check the box for Use mobile app QR code for checkout to use this method of Check-Out with their TouchPoint app (free or custom) rather than printing out a QR Code label. If they don’t have the mobile app, they can click the Green Box for Get Mobile App to scan the QR code with their phone. The default app will be the TouchPoint Free app. Use the Admin > Advanced > Settings > Features > Mobile App setting named MobileDeepLinkHost to customize (ex.


    The ShowUseMobileAppQRCodeCheckbox administrative setting must be set to True for the Use mobile app QR code for checkout and Get Mobile App options to display during Check-In.

    When the Leader has the Checkout role, they will be able to access a scanner through the Mobile App in their profile record by choosing Check-Out, under the Tools section. They will scan the QR code from the parent’s mobile phone, which will prompt the Leader to Select Person to Check-Out. Once the child’s name is chosen, a green box will indicate that they are checked out.


    If using the QR Code label option which includes the parent’s profile picture by default, adjustments to printer settings may be needed. This will vary by printer.


    If someone needs to reprint their QR Code Label, choose Print QR Code in the Admin Menu at Check-In for the Primary or Secondary Adult who is an Authorized Check-Out Person.

  3. Classroom Dashboard - Those checked in for a class through Check-In can be checked out by a Leader through the Classroom Dashboard. When someone is checked out of a classroom, a Timestamp and Who Checked Out information will be added to the Meeting tab.

Who Are Authorized Check-Out People

  1. For the Security Code Label method, anyone possessing the Security Code check someone out.

  2. For the QR Code or Classroom Dashboard methods, all Primary and Secondary Adults in the family as well as siblings over the age of 18 can check out children. The Age for sibling to be able to check out younger children can be adjusted in the Check-In Setting AgeCutoffCheckout. As this is a global setting and may not be appropriate in all situations, you may wish to instead want to assign Authorized Check Out designations on a case by case basis.

How To Authorize Check-Out People

Authorized people for Check-Out can be added manually through the Involvement > Registration tab on a people record. They can also be added or updated through Check-In in Admin mode. When edited, the change will record on the Change tab of the people record as AuthorizedPerson.

Check-Out Settings

The following Settings are found in Admin > Advanced > Settings > Features > Check-In.


The age of family members that are allowed to Check-Out younger siblings in their own family. The default age is 18. All Primary and Secondary Adults are allowed to Check-Out any child in the family.


The default text message for alerting parents when moving a child from one classroom to another. This is used with the Move function in the Classroom Dashboard.

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