TouchPoint Check-In application does not have a provision for checking a child out using the Check-In software. This decision was made after actually testing how this would work. However, we do have a recommendation for tracking that a child has been picked up. This solution works quite well.

Why ‘Check-Out’ Is Not in the Software

Here is some of our reasoning behind this decision.

  • You cannot allow a parent to ‘check-out’ a child at a kiosk located in lobby or other area of the church, as that would not be secure. The parent needs to be standing at the room where the child is located.
  • This meant that we needed one computer for every classroom, which would greatly increase the cost of setting up Check-In, especially for larger churches with many classrooms.
  • Also, the program would then not allow a parent to check-in and check-out a child in any other location other than the child’s room. This is frustrating for the parents with several children as being able to check-in all their children at one time is very convenient.
  • This created a traffic jam of parents trying to check-in a child for the second hour while other parents were trying to check-out children from the earlier hour.

Keeping Track of Children Being Picked Up

Because we rejected the concept of integrating Check-Out with the Check-In software, we devised another method of tracking which children had been picked up for that day.

Step 1

Select Security label for each child when initially setting up Check-In. This is one of the Print settings. The default is to print only one Security Label per family.

See also

Check-In Settings See Printer / Printing Options.

Step 2

When the parent returns to pick up their child the teacher will put take the security label and stick it on the printed roll sheet.

This gives you a record that someone returned with the security label and picked up the child.

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Check-In Overview See Printed Roll Sheets and Allergy Report.

Someone Else Picking up Child

If a parent will not be able to pick up their child they can give the Security Label to someone else - a neighbor or grandparent - and that person can then pick up the child. If the parent needs to leave church and cannot give the label to that person, they can text him the security code or a picture of the label, which can be shown to the teacher. In this case, there is no security label to put on the roll sheet, so the teacher must make a note on the roll sheet regarding how the child was picked up. Example: list who picked up the child and that they had the code in a text from the parent.

If the person wanting to pick up the child does not have either the security label or a text from the parent that includes the security code, our recommended policy is for the teacher to call the staff member that is over that class, and have him/her come and decide whether or not to let the child go with that person. If they do release the child, they must get some form of ID from that person - driver’s license, for example - which would be noted on the roll sheet.