Classroom Dashboard

The Classroom Dashboard is a real-time attendance report of any Member/Guest that has checked into a Meeting. It allows a Leader of the Meeting to view helpful information like allergies and birthday while also providing the ability to text the parent(s) of the child as needed. To access the Classroom Dashboard, go to the Check-In Dashboard and click on the Expand icon next to the Involvement.


Involvement leaders can log into the Mobile App and access the Classroom Dashboard through My Activity > Involvements by tapping on the name of the Class, and choosing Classroom Dashboard. For those using an iPad or PC, you can bookmark the Dashboard per Involvement with this URL:{orgid:int}.


  • At the top of the page you will see the name of the Involvement along with the Date and Time of the Meeting that you are viewing.

  • On the Way - When someone checks in, his/her Photo, Name, and Birthday are highlighted in blue to show the Leaders of the class that a new person has checked in and are on their way to the classroom. This will allow the Leader to be prepared to properly greet and welcome the child along with the parent(s) dropping him/her off.

  • The Leader will tap on the person’s name to mark them present and optionally add a temporary note. If the Leader decides not to mark them present, they will tap No. The temporary note will be displayed on the dashboard. If marked Present, the child’s name will appear under the Present section and the Attendance Count will update. The count includes Members/Guests, but not Leaders.

  • If the Leaders of a class need assistance, they can notify the staff by clicking on the Notify Staff button in the upper right corner. This will highlight the class on the Check-In Dashboard, signaling to staff that assistance is needed.

  • Once a child is marked Present, the Leader has the following options by clicking on the three vertical dots near the child’s name.

    1. Check-Out - Leader is required to have the Checkout role. Displays the photos and names of those Authorized to Check Out the child. Click on the picture of the person who is checking out the child, and the child will be removed from the list of Present children. A Timestamp and Who Checked Out will be added to the Meeting tab.

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    2. Edit Note - The Note entered by the Leader can be updated. Notes are purged at the end of each day and are not stored in TouchPoint.

    3. Message - The Leader can text a parent if needed. Note that a functional radio button will display for any Primary Adult that has a cell phone number on their record. The parent does not need to be opted into a texting group or even be marked to Allow SMS on their profile to be able to receive texts through the Classroom Dashboard. The pop-up to send a text includes a default message but allows the Leader to edit the message as needed.


      A default message can be set per church in the Admin Settings: Administration > Setup > Settings > Features > Check-In > ClassroomDashboardMessage.


      Text messages are sent from the number associated with the MBT or Twilio group that is designated for system SMS. Navigate to Administration > Setup > SMS Management and check the box by Use for system SMS for the group that you want to send Classroom Dashboard texts from. If you do not have any groups designated for system SMS, no texts will be sent.

    4. Move - Use this option to move a child from one classroom to another. Leader must have the Checkout role to use this option. Choose the new class from the list, then click the Move button. Uncheck the box at the bottom called Text Parents New Location if you do not need to notify parents of the Move. Also requires the setting EnableMoveClassroom to be True.


      Use cases include combining two classes into one, moving a child to a more appropriate new class, or moving children to a classroom to await parent pickup. The child will be checked out of the first class and added to the second class as a Guest. You can optionally click MOVE ALL at the top of the dashboard to move all remaining people to a new classroom. Set the Check-In Setting Enable Limit to Campus to True to limit the options to Involvements of the same campus.

    5. Details - Provides a profile picture, optional Security Code, DOB and Allergies of the child, optional Note, the Parents’ names, Authorized Check Out people, and Emergency Contact people.

Latest Update 12/12/2022

Added Enable Limit to Campus info, Move ALL description