Check-In Administrative Settings

Before you go live with TouchPoint Check-In, you will need to configure the Administrative Settings. Go to Admin > Advanced > Settings > Features > Check-In.


Primary and Secondary family members are all allowed to checkout children in the family. The default minimum age for older siblings to checkout younger siblings is 18. Use this setting to change the minimum age.

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Check-In Text

Whatever text you enter in the Value will appear above the keypad on the main Check-In screen. The default text is Enter your phone number. You can also remove the Value in this setting if you do not want any text to display at all. This can be useful if you have a background image that conflicts with the location of that text.

Classroom Dashboard: On the Way

When set to “True”, those who have checked in will show On the Way until marked Present.


The default text message to send to the parent(s).


By default, Inactive Members of an Involvement will display as enrolled in the Involvement when they enter their phone number at the Check-In kiosk. In other words, they will not need to find a class to attend. If you do not want Inactive Members to be able to check into the Involvement in which they are Inactive, set the value to True.


The number of minutes before a meeting starts when people can start checking in. You can override this per Involvement on the Check-In tab.

Enable Limit to Campus

When set to True, allows individuals to be moved to other Involvements only in the same campus in the Classroom Dashboard.

Enable Move Classroom

When set to True, allow children to be moved from one class to another in the classroom dashboard.

Exclude from Recommended

If a person record is in the specified Status Flag, they should NOT see Recommended Involvements.

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Status Flags


The number of minutes after a meeting starts when people can still check in. You can override this per Involvement on the Check-In tab.


When set to True, any number search less than 7 digits is limited to the Admin PIN, Logout PIN, or Extra Value PIN.

Move Classroom Alert Message

The default message to parents when a child has been moved to another classroom.


Set the value to True in order for the New People Manager(s) to receive an email each time someone edits a person’s record during the Check-In process. These are like the notifications received when a lay person edits their own record.

Restrict Check-In Attendance

When set to True for a Scheduler or Childcare involvement, only those scheduled will be able to check in. Others will not be able to claim attendance.

Restrict Check-In By IP

Enter a comma separated list of public IP addresses to restrict access to Check-In by only those IP addresses. Any other IP addresses will not be able to access Check-In. Leave the value Empty to allow access to Check-In from anywhere. Note: This setting does not apply to a user logged in with the Admin role. Also, be sure to include the IP address of your proxy, if applicable.


Set the value to True to allow a child (who is not in the family with his or her non-custodial parent in TouchPoint) to display in the family list of his non-custodial parent when that parent enters his or her phone number at Check-In. This works only if the child has the Parent Extra Value with the non-custodial parent’s People ID.

Show Code On Classroom Dashboard

Set the value to True to display the child’s security code on the details page.


Setting the value to True provides the parent during Check-In a checkbox allowing them to use their mobile app QR code for checkout instead of printing a QR Code security label. Also reveals the Use Mobile App button to allow users to scan QR code and get the mobile app.


Set the value to False to disable a leader’s ability to text a parent from the classroom dashboard.


Set the value to True if you prefer a 4-digit security code instead of the default 3-character alphanumeric code on the Check-In label.

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