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Check-In Labels

In addition to Standard Labels that are ready to use, you may also choose to customize your Check-In Labels. An Admin can go to Administration > Check-In > Label Editor to access the label customization tool.


This is a general overview of the label editor and only limited assistance will be available by TouchPoint Support. If you encounter issues with Custom labels, please use the Standard label until you become more familiar with the editor. Appropriate testing should be done with custom labels during non Check-In time periods.

The Standard labels that are found on the Check-In > Labels (Web) page will be listed with “Standard” in the name under the corresponding categories:

  • Main
  • Location
  • Security
  • Guest
  • Extra
  • Name Tag
  • QR Code

Check the box for Show System Labels and for Active Labels to narrow the list. You can also search on any term in the list. For example, you can search for “Guest” to view the labels in the Guest category.

Steps to create a custom label

  1. Click on the Standard label in the list that is closest to the label you will create, or click +New Label. (We encourage you to copy existing labels first to become familiar with the editor)

  2. If using an existing label as a starting point, click the Copy button.

  1. Rename and Save your new label. You can change which category it will reside under as well as size, if needed.

  2. Each element in the label will be included in the Selected Item dropdown. Choose an element to update.

  1. Each element will have editing options:

    Editing options include, but not limited to:

    • Type: Box, Graphic, Line, Replacement Text, Static Text
    • Involvement EV: Text Field
    • Status Flag: Prepopulated dropdown
    • Alignment and Start (X,Y): Start (in inches) is relative to Alignment location
    • Inverted: Black to White
    • Layer
  2. Save often to avoid loss of work. Save when finished.

  3. If this will be the label you’ll use, then proceed to Administration > Check-in > Labels (Web) to choose the new Custom label from the dropdown in the appropriate category.

Latest Update 2/7/2023

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