Add a Note

After you have made any sort of a contact with a member or guest and the information about that visit/call would be helpful for others to know when they are ministering to this person, it’s a good idea to add a Note. Some common scenarios are:

  • Personal visit

  • Phone call

  • Card or letter

The TouchPoint Mobile App also provies access to Tasks and Notes.

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How to Add a Note

There are 2 different ways to record a Note, based on whether you are the one making the Note or if you are recording it for someone else.

If you ARE the person recording the Note

Step 1

Go to the record of the person where you would like to record a Note and click on the Touchpoints tab.

Step 2

Select the desired option from the dropdown menu, for example, About Jane Smith. Click the green +Note button.

The person logged in (that would be you) will automatically be added as the Owner and the person whose record you were viewing will be listed under Note About. You can click on the drop down menu next to Note About to search and add additional people.

Step 3

Complete the Note.

  • Enter your note details. Notes must be less than 5,000 characters. (Do not add confidential information unless using the Limit to Role function).

  • Select from the drop down list of keywords (See Tasks & Notes Search for more about adding keywords). These are able to be searched upon using Search Builder and are also able to be filtered upon on the Tasks & Notes Page. Some example Keywords are “Pastoral Care,” “Women’s Ministry,” and “Prayer Request.”

  • Event Date (The current date is the default).

  • Limit to Role (This will limit the Note’s visibility to only those with the corresponding role).

Step 4

Click Save to save the changes.


If you need to protect the Note so only users with a specific user role can view it, select that role from the Limit To Role drop down list. Remember, once you select a role, only users with that role can see that the person had been contacted.


If you want to minimize the number of roles that display in the Limit To Role dropdown, your System Admin can modify the LimitToRolesForTasksNotes setting by entering the user roles (comma separated with no spaces between roles) you want to display. This setting is found by navigating to Admin > Advanced > Settings > Features > Tasks & Notes.

Notes can be used instead of entering Comments under the Profile tab. You will have more control over the roles that can view these Notes than if entered as a comment. To hide the Comments tab, see Administration Settings for more information.


Keywords must be configured by your System Admin in order for them to appear in the dropdown list.

Touchpoints Tab

There are additional options you can find on the Touchpoints Tab to further modify one or more Notes:

Edit Notes

Select the Three Dot Button on your Note to edit your Note or to create a Follow-Up Task related to your Note.

Mass Actions

By checking the box to the left of the Task/Note Details and then selecting the small down arrow at the top of the page (to the left of the search bar), you may take several mass actions on your Notes:

  • Delete selected Notes - If you have created Notes in error or as a test, you can delete those items.

  • Add Keywords to selected Notes

  • Export selected Notes to Excel

Latest Update


Added character limit for note details.