Token Authentication

Churches using TouchPoint can choose to enable external giving links, in order to direct donors to a giving site outside of TouchPoint. In order to identify the donor in the web app that receives the external link, a token parameter should be added to the link. For example,

  • https://my.giving.url/manage/{token} or

  • https://my.giving.url/manage/?token={token}

The {token} value will be populated by TouchPoint with a one-time link ID which expires in five minutes. The receiving web app can then authenticate the user by querying the Push Post API method API/Authenticate/OneTimeLink/{token}. You should also include in the giving URL the TouchPoint database name or identify the user’s TouchPoint database name from the Referer HTTP header. This API will validate the token and if it is valid, returns basic information about the user as JSON:

curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Basic
YXR1c3R1cjpNeUPwaVBhc3N3b3JkVG9SdWx1VGh1bUFsbA=="  \


The example above shows using curl, a command line tool for transferring data using various URL protocols. This tool comes on a Mac and can be downloaded for Windows.

The information returned will be in the form:

"peopleId": 3194991,
"firstName": "John",
"preferredName": null,
"lastName": "Doe",
"emailAddress": "johnd@example.com",
"emailAddress2": null,
"campusId": 4

Note: Once the Authenticate/OneTimeLink call has been made, the token immediately expires and cannot be used again.