Attendance Change Detail for Orgs

The report is a supplement for the Attendance Change for Orgs script. This script also runs from the OrgSearch BlueToolbar. It is used to know where the percentages came from and which organizations were involved. This report is also resource intensive, so we limited it to Admin role.

The recommended name is AttendanceChangeDetailForOrgs

Use the following code to Create the SQL Script. See How to create a SQL Script.

SELECT a.PeopleId ,
       p.Name2 ,
       o.OrganizationId ,
       o.OrganizationName ,
       a.Attended ,
FROM AttendanceChangeDetail(@orgids, @MeetingDate1, @MeetingDate2) a
JOIN dbo.People p ON p.PeopleId = a.PeopleId
JOIN dbo.Organizations o ON o.OrganizationId = a.OrganizationId
ORDER BY Name2, o.OrganizationName, WeekDate