Attendance Change for Orgs

This script runs from the OrgSearch BlueToolbar. It shows each person who was/is a member of specified organizations with the percentage change in average attendance.

The report will ask for the range of dates to examine. The two dates entered specify the mid date and the ending date. There will be two periods compared and the date range specifies the second period. The first period is computed from the number of days in the date range and then going back to a date that many days before the mid date (MeetingDate #1).

The comments at the top of the script ensures that this report can only be run by an Admin user. We recommend keeping that constraint since this is a very resource intensive report and will bog the system down if multiple persons were to run it simultaneously. The second comment causes the date range to be asked for when running the report.

The recommended name is AttendanceChangeForOrgs

Sample Report

Use the following code to Create the SQL Script. See How to create a SQL Script.

SELECT a.PeopleId ,
       Pct1 ,
       Pct2 ,
FROM dbo.AttendanceChange(@orgids, @MeetingDate1, @MeetingDate2) a
JOIN dbo.People p on p.PeopleId = a.PeopleId
ORDER BY PctChange

We also have a companion report to this one that gives the detail used for this report.

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